A Love for Life is dedicated to raising funds for pancreatic cancer research. The average survival rate for stage IV pancreatic cancer is a little over 6 months. We want to help change that number. We are honored to be partnering with the Abramson Cancer Center at The University of Pennsylvania. 100% of the money that we raise will fund cutting edge research here in Philadelphia.  Along the way, we celebrate Life, Friendship & Adventure. Join us.

A Love For Life will be paddling in the
Philadelphia International Dragon Boat Festival

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Click here to Register to be on one of the A Love for Life Dragon Boats.

What is Dragon Boat Racing - Today, Dragon Boat Racing is one of the fastest-growing water sports in the world. In 1991, the International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF) was formed in response to the explosive growth of the sport. In IDBF Sport Racing there are generally 18-20 paddlers per standard size Dragon Boat, plus a captain/drummer and a helm (Steerer).

Why does A Love for Life Participate - This will be the sixth year A Love For Life will be participating in the Philadelphia International Dragon Boat Festival taking place on Saturday October 6th, 2018 on the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia.

A Love for Life has  raised over $500,000.00 for pancreatic cancer research to date, with the Dragon Boat Festival being one of our biggest fund raisers. In 2017, A Love For Life raised on average  $15,000, per boat. And we know we can do even better in 2018

Why Dragon Boat (watch this video to find out why)

We have teams at all levels, from highly competitive, to just having fun. If paddling is not your thing but you still want to participate in a great cause, please consider being a Dragonmaster.

Expectation: Philadelphia International Dragon Boat Festival - Each team is made up of 20 paddlers, 3 alternates and a drummer. Each team will have a minimum of three practices held in New Hope, PA on the Delaware River. Practices take place on Sundays or Mondays at 6:00 PM. Each practice is for one - two hour. Race day is Saturday October 6th, 2018 and goes from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Fee - The fee for the Dragon Boat Race covers the cost of the race which includes: race registration, practices, steers person, race shirt, tent and grill rentals, hot breakfast, hot lunch and beverages. None of the fee goes towards the A Love For Life organization.
  • $180.00 must be paid by January 30th, 2018 
Dragonmaster - want to be involved but don't want to paddle, sign up to be a Dragonmaster.

Fundraising - Each Paddler will be responsible for raising a minimum of $250.00. Fundraising tools such as personal fundraising web page, email templates, fund raising tips will be provided.

What else do I need - Some Paddlers like to have their own paddle and life vest. If you do not have a paddle or life vest, they will be provided both at each practice, as well as on race day. Click Here for Ordering information.

Click here to Register to be on one of the A Love for Life Dragon Boats.