Frequently Asked Questions

1) When will we know the Practice Schedule?

* The practice schedule is usually released in June.

2) Where does the practices take place?
* Lake Luxemburg, Core Creek Park, Bucks County.

3) What if I can not make a practice?
*It is important that you make practice, though things will come up, as soon as you know of a conflict please notify your captain that you will not be able to make practice so an alternate can be found.

4) What role does an alternate play?
*Each boat is made up of a steersperson, 20 paddlers, a drummer and 3 alternates. The role of the alternate is to fill in when a paddler can not make practice and fill in on race day if a paddler can not make race day.

5) Are alternates required to come to race day if all the paddlers are coming?
*Yes, you never know when you might be needed. Each boat will race three time, you never know if a paddler will not be able to do all three races. Also there may be another boat that can use you.
6) Do I need to buy a paddle and vest?
*No, paddles and vests will be provided at each practice and on race day. Some paddlers buy their own equipment so they know the quality of what they are using.

7) Where do I buy a paddle or vest?
*Both paddles and vests can be purchased by following the links on this web site under Optional Equipment Paddle and Vest.

8) Why am I responsible for raising $250.00 for A Love for Life, I never had to raise money in the past?
*A Love for Life is an organization dedicated to raising money for Pancreatic Cancer. The Dragon boat race is one of it's biggest fundraising events. It takes a lot of effort to put an event like this together. Both from a dollar cost and also from a human resource cost (time). In the past ,although each boat has raised about $15,000.00, most of the fundraising was done by just a few the paddlers. By making it a responsibility of each paddler to raise a minimum of $250.00 we should be able to increase our fund raising goals by getting everybody to work together. Just as with the race, if we all paddle in sync we will race much better. If we all fund raise in sync we will raise more.  

9) I have no idea how to fund raise where do I start?
*We have developed a web page with Fundraising ideas that other paddlers have used in the past. This includes ideas as simple as sending an email to your family and friends to holding a fundraising event. To view all the ideas look under Fundraising Ideas on this web site.

10) What is the cost to Register as a paddler for this event?
*The registration fee as a paddler is $110.00 for the Bucks County Dragon Boat Festival and must be paid by February 28th, 2019. The registration fee covers race registration, practices, steers person, race shirt, tent, lunch and beverages at the event. None of the fee goes towards fundraising for the A Love For Life.

11) What is the cost to Register as an Alternate for this event?
*The registration fee as an Alternate is $50. None of the fee goes towards fund raising for the A Love For Life.

12) How will it be decided who is on what boat?
*We will make ever attempt to put paddlers on the boat they request. The final boat roster will be up to the captain of each boat.

13) When will I know what boat I am on?
*The latest the boat rosters will be out, is March 1st, 2018.

14) What happens if I do not raise what I set as my goal for fundraising?
*When you register to be a paddler or alternate you are taking responsibility to raise a minimum of $250.00. We understand things happen, if you do not hit your goal nothing happens. One thing to think about, one day there will be a dollar spent that cures pancreatic cancer, wouldn't be nice if that dollar was raised by you!

15) Can children participate, how old do you have to be?
*The short answer, yes. You must be 8 years old or older to participate. If A Love for Life gets enough request from younger folks we will look to put a children's roaster (boat) together.

16) How much does it cost for children to participate?
*The cost for a child to participate is the same as for adults.

17) Will children be responsible to fund raise?
*The short answer yes, even though in the past A Love for Life did not have children participate on a boat, many children did fundraising projects, such as selling snow cones at movies in the park, and forgoing gifts at their birthday parties receiving donations instead. See Fundraising ideas.  

18) I have never Raced on a Dragon Boat can I still sign up. 
*Yes, A Love for Life will have boats for all levels from beginners and first timers, to competitive boats. You will race against other teams at your level.  

19) What is a Dragonmaster?
*A Dragonmaster is a person that would like to be part of A Love for Life Dragon Boating, but does not want to be on the boat. They will be assigned to a boat and be will devote as needed maximum one to two hours a week to assist the captain with such things as promoting the cause, promoting fundraising events, etc...

20) Does the Dragonmaster have to pay an entry fee and fund raise. 
*The entry fee for the Dragonmaster is $25.00 this covers the cost of race day team shirts as well as breakfast, lunch, and refreshments on race day. Like other members of the boat the Dragomaster is responsible to raise $250.00 for A love for Life. To view fundraising ideal click Fundraising Ideas on this web site.